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"The teachers workshop allowed me to reflect on my own behaviour management and whether I over sanction. Now I will be considering how I respond to cultural behaviour of frustration - the key one being the difference between teeth kissing and eye rolling - and if I am ever accused or being a racist I will not dismiss the comment but have a conversation with the students"

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Comments from Teachers Workshops

"I am now more aware of situations and what is the best approach. I will look to consciously reflect on my teaching of a range of pupils from different ethnic and BAME backgrounds."

"There were lots of opportunities for colleagues to talk about key issues and it allowed me to listen to the perspectives of colleagues who are accused of being a racist, whilst at the same time learning to be an ally and not make assumptions. Going forward, I will listen and explore issues with pupils and know that is okay to get things wrong. We are all on a learning journey."

"It gave a good grounding in raising awareness. The presenter was brilliant and I liked what she started on to do with language. There were some definitions that I thought were useful like the definition of racism and some advice that gives confidence when speaking to people from different cultures."

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"Everyone was able to speak about how we feel in a safe environment because we were all Black together."

"I liked sharing stories, talking about our feelings. It was good hearing other people’s point of view and sharing experiences."

Comments from Student Workshops

"It was good talking about how we should be in the real world and understanding that you can't just call anyone racist without good reasons"

"Others may not change but this will make me have a different response. Teachers should be more mindful of topics and words but I would approach my teachers in a more sensible and respectful way. I know now that I should think to educate before calling people racist."

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