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Curriculum Consultation and Audit 

  • We offer a review and audit of the curriculum from a diversity and inclusion point of view. The focus is on race, gender and disability.

  • We offer staff, parent, and pupil meetings on diversifying the curriculum.

  • We run staff training days on diversifying the curriculum and racial literacy.

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We explore the following topics and themes:

  • Use of language

  • Growing up Black in a white dominate society

  • The curriculum

  • Black History

  • Belonging and Identity

  • School Policies

  • How to negotiate life as a young Black woman in a white majority country

  • The do's and don'ts when talking about racial issues

  • Defining and recognising racism

  • How to use activism to empower yourself

  • How to resist the stereotypes and affirm your positive identity

  • How to not let racism define you



The aim of it was to hear the parental voice, teach them how to respond in certain situations and encourage more parental participation.

There will be more of an open discussion where parents can share their thoughts, fears, ask questions and share their experiences. We will provide feedback and my perspective to school leadership.

There will also be an opportunity for the school to also showcase the work they have been doing in terms of tacking racial issues and diversifying their curriculum.

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We explore the following themes and topics:

  • Racial literacy

  • Unconscious bias

  • Use of language and Intention

  • Inclusive teaching styles and policies

  • Making your truly school anti-racist

  • Social grace

  • Pedagogy

  • School policies

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"Proud To Be Different"

A workshop in celebration of Black History Month UK

The aim of the workshop is to:

  • Teach young children to not only respect differences but also celebrate it in all people. A celebration of differences.

  • Help young children to realise that we are all human despite differences in how we look or dress, what we eat and celebrate.

  • We will explore skin colour, hair texture and look at why people of African descent have darker skin and different hair texture.

  • We will explore key questions such as – Why does Afro hair grow up rather than down? Why do Black people and people of African descent have darker skin?

  • Rather than stigmatising questions the aim is to show children how to ask them sensitively and appropriately.

  • Can also  incorporate a discussion of all types of differences such as other race, religion, language and traditions. 

The workshop is only available during the month of October 2021.

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Please note that that although we have a template for all workshops, I do not run the same workshop more than once. All the workshops are tailor made to meet the objectives of the school and taking into consideration the school make up. The method I use are a mixture of a presentation, workshop, role-playing, discussions, and group work.


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