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"From a concerned mother to parent governor, I could not stand by and watch the Education sector refuse to acknowledge racial discrimination in society. I had to do something. Everyone should have a seat at the table."

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The Black Lives Matter movement led Nanouche Umeadi along with millions of people around the world to think more deeply about race and the racial discrimination that Black and Brown people face in white majority societies. Nanouche asked herself, what can she do to make a difference and push for change? She thought about her children’s future and the fact that their experience in school, whether good or bad, will shape their future in so many ways. She wanted to do something meaningful that would create a legacy. Using her platform as a governor at her children’s school, she openly shared her experience and helped the school address issues of race, racism and decolonising the curriculum. However, she was not satisfied and wanted to show other schools how to be truly anti-racist and inclusive. This was the beginning of Diverse Inclusive Solutions – A race and diversity consultancy firm for education.

"I asked myself what can I do to make a difference"

Nanouche combines her professional and educational background, with her natural ability to not only connect with a diverse group of people, but to make all around her feel comfortable, heard and seen. Her focus is to create a more racially harmonious school environment - an environment where Black pupils and those from other ethnic minority backgrounds feel truly heard and understood by their teachers, feel a true a sense of belonging and have a safe place to discuss racial issues. Nanouche works to create a place where teachers have racial literacy training and the confidence to not only discuss racial issues, but also deal with accusations of racism. A place where parents feel their children are in a safe and inclusive environment, where their racial concerns are properly addressed, and they have a greater understanding of school policies.


Nanouche created Diverse Inclusive Solutions to bridge the gap between parents, students, and teachers. She does this through workshops, presentations, drama and group work. With the popularity of her workshops, and her ability to make people comfortable, she has gone on to collaborate with local authorities and councils, as well as sitting on exclusion and complaints panels for schools.

What My Clients Have to Say

"I love how it was presented in discussion form and not just being spoken at."

High School Student

"It was the first time I’ve been in the room with all the staff and felt like I really belonged to the school."

Young Teacher

Take a look at

what I have to say, for making Camden a better, fairer place for all its residents.

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Mother and Son

"Nanouche did a very good job of putting people at ease right from the start."


"Safe space for discussions. Very friendly and supportive delivery of sensitive topic."


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